The History of FischerSIPS

In 1986, Fred Fischer decided to build his own home with SIPS, and from there, FischerSIPS was born. In 1990, we joined together with a group of manufacturers and founded SIPA – The Structural Insulated Panel Association. Fred and his partner Scott Brian were builders as well as manufacturers, and used SIPS to build several condos and single family homes in Louisville. In 1993, they hired Damian Pataluna as a new salesman. The company continued to grow and became involved with commercial work, such as the dormitory roofs at Virginia Polytechnical Institute. In 1997, FischerSIPS became involved with Samson Homes and one of the first ever SIP Modular companies was created. Fred and Scott built a 20,000 square foot building using SIPS for the modular plant, and made Damian the General Manager of FischerSIPS.

After Samson Homes closed in 2005, FischerSIPS moved from its original location on 1844 Northwestern Pkwy, to 1800 Northwestern, where they currently reside. After becoming a minority partner in 2004, Damian purchased Scott’s shares in 2005, and after buying out Fred in 2006, he became 100% owner of FischerSIPS. Since the beginning, Damian has been very active with SIPA. He has served on the board since 1996 and was industry president from 2003-2006. In 2007, FischerSIPS partnered with Ferrier Custom Homes to build Heather’s Home, the 3rd Platinum LEED home in the USA and the first in Texas. Recently, Ferrier & FischerSIPS have teamed up again to build a true Net Zero energy home in Fort Worth, TX.

At FischerSIPS, we take pride in working with small and large builders. No matter what, we will stay focused on your project and are compliant to new concepts. Here, customer service is a top priority! And we don’t forget about those in need. We take great pride in working with Habitat for Humanity groups, both inside and out of Louisville, KY. We have also shipped panels internationally to the Ukraine, Russia, South Korea, Ireland, and the Bahamas. FischerSIPS has been and will continue to be a leader in the SIP industry!