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The Jewish Family & Vocational Service (JFVS) is building a new 15,000 square foot facility that will be located in Louisville, Kentucky at the corner of Cannons Lane and Dutchmans Lane approximately 1 mile off Interstate 64. JFVS, an accredited non-profit agency and a founding member of the Metro United Way, was established in 1908. Since its inception, JFVS has been evolving and responding to the needs of the community. Other services the agency provides include individual, couple, family and group therapy, adoption services, aging adult services, career assessment and planning, college selection assistance, home health care and resettlement services.

The center will be a shed-style building constructed entirely using only wood products. We will be providing 10 3/8" FisherSIPS® panels for the structural walls and roof. The roof panels will be placed over wood trusses on 17' centers. The building dimensions are 100 feet by 150 feet with ceiling heights ranging from 15 to 24 feet high.

Jewish Family and Vocational Building

View stages of construction:

The photo's below show the last roof panel being placed. With the exterior shell now complete, the focus moves to the inside. The bricklayers and roofers arrived the first week of June to begin their work.

You can see the detailed truss and bracing work on the interior with the Vertical PSL columns. The interior work proved to me more difficult than anticipated, as things will go when you deal with wood products with a finished look. We've spent right on 310 man days on the job. Overall, it took a crew of 8-10 men 8 weeks to set the panels, PSLs, trusses and all the bracing.

 Construction of the roof Photo of the building structureSecond view of the building structureView of internal building frameworkClose view of internal building frameworkDistance view of building