Stages of SIPS Panel Construction - Week 1

The project is getting under way! Below workers are preparing the foundation.

JFVS project construction zone image 1JFVS project construction zone image 2

FischerSIPS® (Louisville, Ky.) has started production on the panels for the JFVS project. The panels are being prepared for I-joists as connection splines. Falcon Foam (Grand Rapids, MI) is the foam supplier. The SIP panels are laminated using a glue spreader with Morton's Adhesive and then placed into vacuum press for one hour to insure a complete bond.

JFVS project panel preparationJFVS project panel preparation 2JFVS project panel preparation 3

The slab was poured on Wednesday, April 5. Trusses and PSL's are due in on Monday, April 10th, the day construction of the shell is scheduled to begin. Randy Lindsey and his crew will start by installing the support PSL's on 17' centers. will likely start at the end of the week.

JFVS project construction zone image 3JFVS project foundation work

Lindsey & Sons Construction began placing the PSL posts on Tuesday. Double PSL's will be exposed to the interior and the panels will be set behind them. The North side of the building is approximately 15' tall with the South side being 24' tall. The PSL's are bolted to metal brackets placed on the concrete slab. SIP construction is scheduled to begin Thursday.

JFVS project foundation work image 2JFVS project foundation work image 3JFVS project foundation work image 4