Stages of SIPS Panel Construction - Week 2

Week 2 got off to a slow start with rain on Monday and muddy conditions on Tuesday. Wednesday brought back the sunshine and construction continued in full force. By Wednesday afternoon the north wall, consisting of 150 lineal feet of panels 15' high, will be completed.

All wall panels are set over a 2x10 bottom plate which is resting on a treated piece of plywood (10 1/4" wide). The panels have a 1 1/2" recess on the bottom to fit over the plate. The walls are splined together using a Single AJS25 I-Joist (LRC Products). Once the panels are set, they are nailed to the bottom plates with 8d nails. The panels will also be fastened to the PSL Beams using 14" Olympic Fasteners. We have found that pre-drilling is necessary to install the 14" screws. It is also necessary to bevel the outside edge of the I-Joist for ease of insertion into the SIP Panels

The window openings you see below (east wall) were created by use of knee wall and header panels which were pre-cut in the FischerSIPS® plant.

On site, 2 skytracks and a genie lift are sufficient for moving and setting panels with 2 crews working - one focused on the beams and the other focused on the panels.

JFVS project framework being built JFVS project framework being built image 2 JFVS project framework being built image 3 JFVS project framework being built image 4