Stages of SIPS Panel Construction - Week 3

Mother Nature came through for us and delivered a beautiful work week after raining out Monday. Walls & Posts were leveled and prepared for roof trusses which started on Wednesday. The South wall, featuring 24' tall SIP panels with double 8'x'8 window openings every 10 feet, was erected. Setting of the roof panels began Thursday morning. We are using a skytrack for the first run until we have all trusses straight. We'll bring in a crane again next week once trusses are set & ready. The roof panels, consisting of 1/2" OSB bottom, 9 5/8" EPS and 3/8" OSB top, are set on trusses spaced 17'-2 1/2" on center. Each Roof panel has an I-joist laminated into the middle of it. They will be connected with I-joists on each long end as well.

JFVS project framework rising View of the JFVS project framework from the foundation Close view of JFVS project framework Distance view of the framework