Stages of SIPS Panel Construction - Week 4

The structure really started to take shape this week. By Friday, we had 3 bays of roof panels almost complete. Most of the roof panels will be installed using a skytrack. We devised a steel lifting plate that has been screwed into the top of the panel alone (the bottom will be exposed). The four 3/8" screws go through the OSB into the 2x4 top chord of the I-joist, which is laminated within the panel.

The East corner had a rather significant amount of special truss and bracing details which took a little more time than expected. The remainder of the trusses are on 17'-2 1/2" Centers, which should move faster in comparison.

The roof panels are incredibly sturdy once set into place and screwed in the trusses (12" screws on 6" centers). There is no deflection or bounce in the panels. With each one that is placed, a working platform is created for the next panel.

Crane working on building framework SIPS sitting on the building foundation View of the rising framework View inside of the construction in progress