Stages of SIPS Panel Construction - Week 6

The past week has been spent raising interior truss braces, cutting window openings, and installing lumber. On Friday, we brought a 30 ton all-terrain crane out to the job site to set roof panels. With the crane we were able to set 32 panels in only 6 hours!

The photos will show how we attached two lift plates to the top of each panel. Using 3/8" lag bolts, the plates were fastened through the top OSB layer and then screwed into the top chord of the I-joist contained in the middle of each panel. Once placed on the roof, the panels were pulled snug into place using a ratchet system.

Interior bracing trusses were set using a forklift. Window openings were cut with a circular saw on both the interior & exterior and then the remaining foam was cut with a reciprocating saw. We chose this method to achieve a cleaner cut with greater accuracy. Once each plug was removed, foam was recessed 1 1/2" around the openings and then 2x10 wrapping was installed.

Crane lifting JFVS roof panels Crane placing JFVS SIPS Paneling for roof Lifting brackets mounted to SIPS panel Securing JFVS SIPS Paneling for roof