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The Orlando Vision House Project

FischerSIPS wall panels were used for this custom home on the lake front in Orlando, FL. The SIPS are 6 1/2" Thick and range from 8' to 15' tall. Jim Rahman ( is the builder on the project. See attached videos and photo's for Jim's comments on working with FischerSIPS. We have Florida Product approval #13814 for wall panels & #13921 for Roof panels.

The third house in the Series, VISION House ´08 Orlando, will be a high-end architect-designed custom home, demonstrating that green can be not only glamorous, but also sustainable by considering durability and life safety in an active hurricane zone

The VISION House Series projects are constructed in compliance with the National Association of Home Builders' (NAHB) Model Green Home Building Guidelines. These voluntary compliance guidelines, provided free to NAHB members, are readily accessible to the vast majority of home builders in the United States. The fundamental components of the Model Green Home Building Guidelines include the following:

Lot Design, Preparation, and Development
Resource Efficiency
Energy Efficiency
Water Efficiency
Indoor Environmental Quality
Operation, Maintenance, and Homeowner Education

Green Builder Media and leading building-science organizations will monitor all of the VISION Houses to collect highly valuable information about the performance of green homes. This much needed data will be shared through the pages of Green Builder® Magazine as well as a variety of national publications and newsletters in both building-industry and consumer arenas.

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Cutting windows from SIPS Panels Panelized home going up SIPS Panel home from the rear of lot Putting up a SIPS Panel wall SIPS walls Foundation complete, SIPS walls going up Setting end stud in Structural Insulated Panel SIPS Paneling arriving on truck Florida panel home