Log and Timber Frame SIPS Panel Structures

Pine Tongue & Groove
Pine Tongue and Groove Structure
Sizes Available: 4x8 up to 8x24
Featuring an unfinished Eastern White Pine, these panels have 1x8 pine decking glued and stapled to the Oriented Standard Board that has been laminated to an Expanded Polystyrene core. This look is clean, smooth, and quite attractive upon completion.
Pine/Fir T1-11
Pine/Fir Structure

Sizes Available: 4x8, 4x10 (Fir Only)
For the rough sawn look, these panels are made with T1-11 laminated to one side with Oriented Standard Board on the other. They are available with grooves on 4” or 8” centers and come with a lap joint to hide all seams along the 8’ side.

Drywall Panels
Drywall SIPS Panel

Drywall Panels
Sizes Available: 4x8 up to 4x16
Sometimes referred to as “curtainwall” panels, these will have ½” drywall laminated to one side of the Expanded Polystyrene with Oriented Standard Board laminated to the other. They are designed to span purlins or rafters on 4’ centers so all joints will be hidden. They are most commonly used as roof panels.

Nailbase Panels
Nailbase Panels

Nailbase Panels
Sizes Available: 4x8
These panels can be made with Oriented Standard Board or CDX Plywood laminated to Expanded Polystyrene on one side only. They are non-structural panels placed over decking already attached to your timber source.

Pre-stained Pine T&G
Pre-stained Pine Tongue and Groove Panels

Pre-stained Pine Tongue & Grove
Sizes Available: 4x8 up to 8x24
To save even more time on the job site, these panels can be ordered with a pre-stained White Pine or Cedar with 1x6 or 1x8 planks. The decking has been glued and stapled to the Oriented Standard Board laminated to the Expanded Polystyrene.

Log Home - Indiana
Tongue and Groove Panels Example

This Indiana Log Home is a great example of the great look of SIPS Log and Timber Frame Tongue & Groove panels

Red Cedar - Illinois
Red Cedar Panel Example

Yet another great example in Illinois of beautiful Cedar T1-11 panels.